Run away to the circus...with your entire staff!
BigTop Circus School in Newmarket, is the perfect Team Building experience!

The key to a successful company is its employees. Too much stress can decrease productivity and breed workplace tensions. We are offering an opportunity to reconnect your team members, increase moral, alleviate some of the pressure and inject some fun into your work day.

Circus School Benefits

corporate team building newmarket ontarioCircus arts are inclusive. Men and women of all ages and physical abilities can participate. With very few people having experienced these unique activities, it puts everyone, including managers, on a level playing field.

Away from the office, different personalities emerge as everyone works together to achieve goals and overcome fears. Perhaps an overlooked team leader will metamorphose during the process.

Family Fun Day

Treat your employees' families to a fun day at the circus! Because circus arts are so inclusive, every member of the family can participate in every activity. Our performers will entertain your guests and get them involved with the show.

Flexible Packages

Big Top will work with you to custom design a package that best suits your company's requirements. We can accommodate everything from a half day break with snacks to a day-long team building session in a professional meeting facility. A group session at Big Top is a cost effective way to revitalize and energize your staff with very little time away from the office. You can schedule as little as a couple of hours at our gym up to a full day combined with lunch and a meeting at our partnering meeting and banquet facility.

On-Going Fitness Program

Employees that are healthy and active are better able to cope with stress and maintain a higher level of productivity. Private sessions for your group can be arranged on an on-going basis or for a specified number of weeks. Every session begins with full-body stretching and cardiovascular warm-up. The remainder of the session is spent working on the equipment of each employee's choice. Don't be fooled by all the fun you're having. Circus Arts provide an excellent workout for the entire body!

Team Building Activities

The old saying "life imitates art" rings true when it comes to comparing the workplace to circus arts. Parallels can be drawn between our activities and every day interactions and challenges in the workplace. Our role is to provide the instruction and encouragement to help participants overcome their fears to accomplish each task.

Acrobatic Balancing (Human Pyramids)

corporate functions team building newmarket ontarioThe entire team must work together to achieve their objective. Participants capitalize on each other's strengths while trusting each other's hands to support each other.


Juggling is a metaphor for an average work day. While it may seem impossible to keep more than one objective moving at one time, it is actually quite attainable with a little bit of practice and quite satisfying to accomplish.

Stilt Walking

We often stumble through the day when trying to work with new equipment. Through patience and practice stilts can be mastered.


There are many times when we feel like jumping up and down in frustration but can't do it because we're told to maintain control. Feel free to lose control and jump until your heart's content and let off some steam! Tight Wire Sometimes we feel like we're walking a tight wire in our daily lives. Even the slightest change can throw us off. Intense concentration and focus maintains our balance on the wire and in our lives.

Bungee Jumping

Ever feel like a human yo-yo? Springing to the top only to be pulled back down again? The bungee emulates our daily lives in many ways...only it's a lot more fun!

Flying Trapeze

Flying through the air on a trapeze is an exhilarating experience. Some people, however, must overcome great fears to participate. An amazing sense of accomplishment is achieved when one goes far outside their comfort zone to try something new and overcome trepidations.This seemingly impossible feat requires mutual support and encouragement from the team. The first person to try this is one that can lead by example.


Body language and facial expression are important components in successful negotiations and day-to-day interactions with clients and colleagues. In addition to being a lot of fun, clowning can help your team practice these important skills and show them how to express themselves without using words.

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Community Involvement

Community involvement is an integral part of Big Top Circus Arts School. The Relay for Life, MS Walk-A-Thon, Circus for Heart and Autism Ontario are a few of the events the school has actively supported.

“York Region has been very good to me and my family. They have welcomed us and supported our efforts to start a circus school in Newmarket.

I am just happy to give back in whatever way I can. If that means putting on a performance for a good cause, I’m happy to do it.”

Yurii Nadtotchii
Owner & Head Coach