Big Top School of Circus Arts is the first school of circus arts in York Region. Big Top offers programs to kids of all ages from as young as one and a half years old to adults. Everyone is given instructions according to their individual skill and potential.

We are offering area schools the opportunity to coordinate with us in challenging students to the exciting elective of the circus arts as part of their physical education curriculum. Yurii Nadtotchii, our program supervisor, has over 20 years of experience in teaching the circus arts. In addition to this, he has also been a performer with the Moscow Circus and Cirque Du SoleilMini trampoline, tight wire, stilts, acrobatics, hand balancing, trampoline, pyramids, bungee jumping and flying trapeze are just some of the things to be experienced at the Big Top School of Circus Arts!

Other Camps are welcome to incorporate a day trip visit to Big Top Circus as a way of adding even more excitement to your programs. If your Day Care is looking for an idea for a field trip, Big Top is the place to go!

This is our 19th year working together with local schools. Having them return year after year proves that the kids enjoy the thrill of the CIRCUS!

As quoted by Cindy Lassaline, St. Elizabeth Seton School, Newmarket:
“Our students have been enthusiastic participants in Big Top’s exciting school elective program. It has been a favourite choice for three years in a row!”

Not sure what a circus elective day looks like? Invite Yurii and his group of circus performers to your school for a free demonstration. 

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Enhance the experience by booking a full week. At no additional charge we'll help the students put together their own show utilizing their new circus skills. Imagine the sense of pride and boost in confidence they'll receive performing in front of their peers!


For Students

Non-Competitive and Inclusive
Unlike traditional sports, Circus Arts are non-competitive. Students set personal goals and gain confidence through the mastery of skills. Most importantly, this form of physical activity is inclusive. Any child, regardless of age, body type and physical ability can achieve success.

Students won’t realize they are exercising because they are having so much fun! In reality, circus arts are an excellent way to get fit and improve physical ability. Many skills require fine and gross motor control, hand-eye coordination, balance, quick reactions and full body coordination.

Students must make a full commitment to each task if they are to master a circus skill. Concentration, focus and perseverance are the required elements and can be transferred to their work in the classroom.

Group activities require communication and cooperation between peers. These are valuable tools students will take with them throughout their lives.

For Educators
Learn New Skills
While the students are having fun, teachers can learn new skills to incorporate into the regular physical education lessons. Yurii will demonstrate the proper techniques as well as how to correctly supervise the activities.

Circus Skills

To provide a fun, safe and non-competitive environment for children to learn new skills while increasing their fitness level and improving their self-confidence.

Manipulation Skills
These disciplines improve motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination and reaction times.

Younger children (JK – 2) begin with scarves to minimize the frustration as they have not yet developed the coordination or tracking skills. Older children start with two balls and progress to three as the become more confident and proficient.

Plate Spinning
This skill is easily attained by all students even in the younger grades. It looks impressive and gives the students a sense of accomplishment.

Movement Skills
These disciplines improve sense of balance, reaction times, mobility and body co-ordination.

Rolla Bolla
Deep concentration is required to balance this board over the cylinder.

This is one of the most difficult skills to master. It requires excellent balance and sheer determination. What a sense of accomplishment the student gets from moving just a few feet!

Basic tumbling and other gymnastics skills are taught at an age appropriate/skill level.

With the use of varying lengths of stilts, students can progress from the smallest (only a couple of inches off the floor) to longer lengths that have them towering over their peers!

Cooperation Skills
As students work together on these skills, they learn that trust and full cooperation from each participant is required to complete the task.

Students work together with their peers to build a variety of human pyramids. Get the cameras ready for the yearbook pictures!

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Community Involvement

Community involvement is an integral part of Big Top Circus Arts School. The Relay for Life, MS Walk-A-Thon, Circus for Heart and Autism Ontario are a few of the events the school has actively supported.

“York Region has been very good to me and my family. They have welcomed us and supported our efforts to start a circus school in Newmarket.

I am just happy to give back in whatever way I can. If that means putting on a performance for a good cause, I’m happy to do it.”

Yurii Nadtotchii
Owner & Head Coach